Kingoodie – Dundee

Kingoodie was the perfect place to teach several techniques

Kingoodie was the perfect place to teach several techniques

I was out today doing something I had never done before – 1 on 1 teaching photography!

It was a really enjoyable experience for me but it helped immensely that the pupil was very ready, very willing and as it turns out, very able. Teaching isn’t something new to me (a bit like photography) as I have taught software like Adobe Photoshop etc to colleagues at my old work in the past and they all seemed to get a good reception. Today seemed to follow that trend.

My college years (all two of them) were spent studying Graphic Design and part of the course included photography. At the time I just didn’t get things like the relationship between the aperture, shutter speed and iso. All of that was self taught years after the course was forgotten about – and it was all learned in the field. Which is my favourite approach to these things. Why talk about doing it when you can actually do it?!

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