Beautiful Perth

Was asked by Beautiful Perth people to get some photos of the Artwork on Tay street.  So I headed out the other day into a lovely sunny day for a wee wander down Tay street and see what I could get. I but hadn’t thought it through! The Tay flows North to South through Perth so in order to shoot the art on the riverside I had to face North or South, leaving me shooting into the Sun or having my own shadow in the shot and over art. Obviously couldn’t stand in the river or on the road and in order to get a good light on the sculptures needed to get the in position so was facing the lit side instead of the shadowed one! So was rather difficult to get a good position for a shot, especially with people walking by and cars, trucks and buses getting in the shots.

I kept the aperture pretty wide, F5ish so the background street was not in focus so the traffic didn’t deter from the shot too much. As the shots were for a Perth website I also wanted to show the Artwork in situ, showing the river or the street where possible so people would see where to go to look at them. Turned out with some great shots though and hopefully some will appear on their site soon, when they can figure out how to upload from my flickr site, like I do !!!!!

Mad Bird
Part of sculpture on flood defence wall

Riverside Sculpture
Wall sculpture and Tay street out of focus in background

Wall Flower
The flood defence wall has art carved into it too.

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