Kenmore, Loch Tay and the Crannog

iansmallSpring is certainly struggling to make an impact this year but rather than let the bad weather hinder our outings, we decided last night to head off to Kenmore – in the rain!

I even mounted the GoPro camera in the car to do a little timelapse of our journey (check out the video below).

The weather was actually not that bad in Kenmore, with only a little bit of rain to speak of. Unfortunately we were not greeted by a spectacular sunset, but instead had a chance to shoot some wonderfully moody skies – something we need to try and do more often!







sarahsmallI want spring, I want to wear less than 4 layers and no hats and gloves, but most of all I want to be out in sunshine!!!! Unfortunately trip to Kenmore gave me none of those things. Yes there were moody skies and still water and very tasty chips in the local hotel and I do love winter, but the brisk bright winter with sun shining on snow, not this grey lingering half winter! It was good to get out though and guess Ian is good enough company, though a bit cheeky! Got some nice shots, but is it too much to ask for bright sunshine pouring through the moody sky, lighting up a boat or a crannog or something in the foreground? Or a beautiful colourful sunset, with some of that gorgeous, famous Scottish light?

The Crannog Centre
The Crannog Centre

Crannog on the Loch
Crannog on the Loch

line of Pebbles
Line of Pebbles

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