St Andrews, Balvaird and a hill in Fife

sarahsmall Was lucky enough to get out twice over the 2 nice days we had, when it didn’t chuck it down. First was an evening shoot at St Andrews, we were heading for Lindores Loch, but in classic Sarah style I couldn’t remember how to actually get there and we couldn’t find it!  But all worked out well as there was a lovely gentle sunset over the beach. Course couldn’t go down the easy way and may have got a bit wet by tryng to jump the burn from the embankment. Also had a wee walk along to the harbour where the coastguard was helping bring in small boat in distress, all very exciting.

West Sands
Gentle Sunset over West Sands

Fence in the Sand
Fence in the Sand

Gentle Waves
Gentle Waves

And then the next day, which was warm and beautiful and actually like Spring, I joined Ian and Darryl for a wee shoot at Balviard Castle and East Lommond. The castle looking proud and strong in the sunshine and cut a very nice shape! And the trees were fabulous, all bendy and dramatic. Ian’s little boy did love it, but kept running into our shots!! Will have to train him better!

Proud castle
Proud Castle

Bending Tree
Bendy Tree

Castle on the Hill
Castle on the Hill

Path To Glenrothes
Path to Glenrothes

iansmallPolarising filter on, camera out of the bag. It was a gooood day!

Here are my images:





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