Perth City Fireworks

Ian and Sarah were perched on the middle Perth bridge last Tuesday for the annual firework display. It was another crackimg night and a big thanks go out to all the volunteers at the Round Table for making it all possible.

iansmallI mostly shot video for a change – big thanks to Tenesee Kait for the music! This video mainly came about as I found myself in a line of 3 Nikon users who all had the same remote shutter release and we were setting each others’ camera’s. I got bored of that very quickly so switched to full HD video and I’m very glad I did. Enjoy!






sarahsmallAnother Guy Fawkes Night and I found myself on a bridge in the cold and with my fellow photographers setting off my camera with their remotes. Got well confused about if my shutter was open or shut! This year to do something a bit different I used the 50 mm lens instead of the wide. And here’s what I got

Firework Display

Firework Display

Firework Display

Firework Display

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