Stars over POW camp

sarahsmallIt’s that time of year when we go out more at night than during the day as the days are short and the skies are beautiful. I had the frankly ingenious idea of going back to Cultybraggon POW camp at Comrie. Although it was quite chilly it was well worth it, the old huts and buildings giving a perfect foreground to the starry skies. All very atmospheric and dramatic and a bloody good shoot. See what you think

Row of huts

Stars over Nissen Hut

Night huts

Stars over fuel

iansmallIt was a very cold night and standing on the concrete for hours made the old feet a little chilly. But as always, Cultybraggan was ripe with photo opportunities and I decided to shoot a timelapse. You’re not getting to see it as I am working on a larger project in the background but here is an image from the night.

DSC_5503 copy


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