Back to the Beginning of our Night Shoots

sarahsmall Finally got to go out with camera!!! Woohoo!! We had planned to go somewhere new and exciting but the weather was a little on the random side so we decided to go back to where we went on our first night shoot. Aberdour then Kinghorn, on the Fife Coast. Once we managed to get out of the rather brisk wind and  not get swept away by big waves we found a great shot, only spoiled by the car lights of a parked car. But after Ian had scared the couple of women in the car by suddenly knocking on their window and asking them to turn off the lights, we got the shot, though lost new boy Dan! Also got a great shot of the other side of the bay, but I had not cleaned my lens right and there was a smear down the picture, Boo!!!

We then went on to Kinghorn, just down the road. The old harbour there is great and got some fabulous shots of the old cobbled street and the boats in the car park (cause where else would you put your boat!!). Then as the weather was closing in, it was back home, with a wee bit of car yoga/ pilates on the way.

So here are some of the photos from the First trip

And from the recent one

iansmallIt was great to return to the area where Sarah and I went out on our very first night shoot. It’s something that has become a regular feature for our photo sessions but at the time seemed completely alien.

Here are the images I captured:

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