Hats and portraits

sarahsmall I did a wee photoshoot for a friend’s daughter who is a young and upcoming model and actress. We were a bit limited with space, but thankfully young Holly was happy to try different positions and to listen to my mad ideas. Once she (and myself) got into the swing of it and especially when I gave her a hat for a prop, we got some great shots, and also had some great fun. Of course the excellent flash man (friend holding the flash gun off camera) was essential to the process and the best one around!!! Must admit the whole shoot was fabulous fun and I loved doing it. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed doing portraiture.

Anyway here’s some of my shots

On this one I de-saturated all the colour, expect for the hat.

I allowed the flash to blow out the whites to make the colours of hat and eyes pop

Again a de-saturation and colour selection to give a slightly odd, but eye-catching effect

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