POW Camp and Loch

sarahsmall  Ian let us go out for a photo shoot at last. Wasn’t exactly great weather but we headed out anyway. Ended up at Cultybraggon camp in Comrie again (fabulous place), this is an old POW and army training camp. The place had been secured more than last time we were there (due to some problems with theft) so we couldn’t get into so many of the huts,  but still got some good shots and I got a wee go on a rope swing (which this time I didn’t get stuck on). After Ian talked to some off duty knights and some rabbit hunters we headed on to the next location before we got locked in the camp.

Next stop was Loch Turret, a long way up a not very well maintained road, with obstacles of sheep and highland cattle. Although the sky was pretty clouded, we got some shots as the night crept in.  A great shoot and exactly what I needed after having a bad case of cabin fever recently! Oh and hope Ian and David found the chips in their hoods before they put them in the wash!!!

Here’s some of my shots


Flowers between huts
Flowers between the Huts

falling down
Falling Down

Hole in Window
Hole in Window

In a Hut

Through the window
Through a Window

Loch Turret
Loch Turret

And some of Ian’s images:

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