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PK images are two photographers who are constantly looking for the next great shot. We are based in Perth, Scotland and are dedicated to searching every nook and cranny of the Central Scotland area. We venture in all directions taking in the sights from places such as Arbroath, Ben Lawyers, Birnam, Drummond Castle. Pitlochry, Crieff, South Queensferry…

What we hope to provide is a realistic, definitive approach to the area which will appeal to all types – whether you are a tourist or already live in the area.

We also have a Flickr Group where you can post your own images from Central Scotland and if we spot one that really impresses us, it might even be featured on the blog!

We’d love to hear from you, whether you live in the area or have visited somewhere special that we should see please feel free to leave a comment. Finally, we hope this is an interesting, informative and maybe even useful site to visit!

Every subject gets approached with the same level of ignorance...

Every subject gets approached with the same level of ignorance...

One thought on “About PK

  1. My name is Roger and my friend is Seiben. He is a Working Bearded Collie (WBC) who came to live with me just over a month or so ago from The Bearded Collie Club of Scotland Rescue. He had been rehomed twice before so came to stay with me for fostering and assessment, he decided this was where he wanted home to be.

    On the second day as we were getting ready to go out he brought his cheap chewed Frisbee copy to me. So I took it, and found a star.

    We have a YouTube channel where we have just started putting up some of our work. Taken with a small Kodak.


    Unfortunately we can’t show you our best work. A Czech tourist stopped for about 30 minutes a few weeks ago with a Nikon digital SLR and telephoto, the preview shots we saw were amazing. He got the ‘Big Air’ shots in amazing close up detail. Unfortunately he hasn’t yet emailed the file.

    At present we are working on the basic elements. Soon we will be progressing on to multiples, vaults and backflips etc. All the elements we need to compete against the best US and world teams in full freestyle.

    We train everyday on the North Inch Perth. Even though we are beginners, Seiben is now starting to get an audience, the occasional round of applause and interest in our YouTube and blog sites.

    Peter from the US who subscribes to our site is the multiple individual and canine World Frisbee Champion. At present I am throwing ‘toy discs’, the next step is for us to import professional/competition discs from the US so I can give Seiben the feed he needs to get to the next level.

    If I am not throwing through a ‘view finder’ Seiben can catch 20/20, with the occasional ‘Big Air’ flight. Which never fails to impress me when he takes the option.

    I am so lucky and privileged that despite all he has been through in his short life, Seiben decided home was with me.

    We are in contact with Peter in the US. The plan is if Seiben continues his progress to become literally one of the top dogs, in the next few weeks we will contact Perth and Kinross Council to arrange the first world qualifier in the UK next year in Perth.

    Please follow our sites, or if you are on the North Inch and see us training, come over, tell us what you want and Seiben will deliver the action for the shot.

    (By the way love your pictures)

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