Sea and Flowers

Had a wee trip up the coast with friends. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining bright, however the breeze coming off the North Sea had a real nip in it and it was not warm enough to be going around in a swimsuit and sarong, as some people were. The beach […]

Monikie County Park, Angus

Location on Google Maps We have visited Monikie Park before, a few years ago when my daughter was under two, and the mist made it hard to see three feet in front of you. This time the weather was constantly threatening to make us very wet. Something we were very pleased to avoid! The polariser […]

Castlesea Bay, Seaton cliffs, Arbroath.

Location on Google Maps Another rainy day in Perth (thanks BBC website for saying that it would be sunny. Pfffft!) but with my daughter now in school all day I decided to chance it and go out regardless of the wet stuff. Sarah and I returned to Seaton Cliffs to try and shoot the tidal […]

The Basin, The Lighthouse and The Cliffs

Tues 1st March     Ferryden, Montrose and Arbroath The Sun was finally shining and I was finished with my Nightshifts so I arranged to meet father and head out to my beloved East coast, the best place in the world, especially when the sun is shining off the red sandstone. After picking father up in Carnoustie […]

Usan (east coast), night shoot

Location: Usan – Time: 1900-2100 Another Friday night and another night shoot for the PK crew! Sarah had come over to my place to edit and organise our last wedding shoot (at which she was a bridemaid) so by the time we were ready to go it was dinnertime. Usan was to be our destination […]

Cuthlie Harbour

Seaton Cliffs by Ethie, Angus It was Saturday, I was off work and the sun was out so I did what I always do at such times and took father out for a walk. We met in the Dundee Botanics like usual and decided as the sun was to the east we would head up […]

Perthshire & Angus- searching for snow!

Location: Perthshire and Angus   Time: 1400ish 28.02.10 While my father is the all time wonderer, my mother is a woman what lunches. Today we lunched at Gloagburn farm, a lovely local farm at Tibbermore with a very good cafe. It cooks all its own food and uses its own produce where possible and is really […]

Angus Coast

Location: Angus area| Time: 30th January afternoon Saturday, and I was off work and the sun was shining and I was shattered after a very long week at work and being out with Ian the day before along with having a take away pizza with a  bear, forgetting to take flowers to Dundee and being […]

Montrose, Angus

Location: Usan & Montrose, Angus| Time: afternoon I had Saturday off and so thought I’d take father for his walk! It was very foggy in Perth and just as bad in Dundee so I was dubious about what we could do. However the closer I got to the coast the brighter it got. By the […]