Perth Jaunt with a PK regular

After years and years of talking to each other over the interwebs, a certain Pitlochry photographer and I got together in Perth city centre for a session. Davy has been a follower of PK from as far back as I can remember and I have watched his work evolve and improve over the years. So […]

Perth Christmas Lights

   We decided to do a real local shoot and went into Perth City Centre to shoot the Christmas lights. Although the snow had cleared it was still very bitter and I kept dropping my shutter remote because my hands were so cold even though I had 2 pairs of gloves on!!! The lights proved […]

Finally off Night shift, was almost in the land of the waking and the sun was actually shining, Yieahy!!!  Had already made plans to meet a friend in Dundee for lunch and a bit of shopping, but decided to take the camera too. After winding my way through the new traffic system at Dundee riverside, […]

1st Snow of winter

North Inch Perth:  Lunchtime, Tues Nov 30th Winter has most definitely started and the the weather has been weird and wonderful with heavy snow, freezing temperatures and thunder and lightning. Getting to work has been exciting and at one point had a rather scary bus journey where we got stuck behind the gritter/ plough which […]

Perth City

Location:- Perth  Time:- 1500ish 1.04.10 I was off of work and the sun had finally managed to peek through the clouds so I decided to have another wee solo mission and get some shots of the urban glory of the city (well not actually a city) of Perth. Quick history Lesson. Perth in now 800 […]