Glen Lednock photos and video

Sarah and I had a rare shoot with just the two of us (plus my youngest sprog) and decided that driving up Glen Lednock was probably a good idea. It was sunny, and we were right! The skies were blue as far as the eye could see and it was actually warm enough to remove […]

Glen Turret photo mob

Ok, so it was only five of us. Hardy a mob but more than we’ve had on a PK shoot for a wee while. Last night proved how quickly the nights are drawing in and highlighted the fact that from now on our “night shoots” were going to be exactly that – proper nighttime and […]

Glen Lyon in the Snow

“Glen Lyon (Gaelic Gleann Lìomhann) is a glen in the Perth and Kinross region of Scotland. It is the longest enclosed glen in Scotland and runs for 34 miles from Loch Lyon in the west to the village of Fortingall in the east.” – Wikipedia Sarah, Darrly and I jumped in my car and did […]

Lights at Lednock

Glen and Loch Lednock   Friday 4th March 8pm- ish Ian decided that another night shoot was called for so after rushing around most the day and managing to shove some food down my neck I met up with him and Darryl and we headed out back of yonder to Glen and Loch Lednock at the […]

The Loch and the Storm

Location: Loch Turret    Sun 4th July 1400 ish As my photo bud is working lots and looking after 2 kids when he’s not working I dragged my mother out for photo trip instead. The advantage of going out with mother is that she supplies lunch too, we originally said we would have a picnic but […]