The Hermitage featuring leaping salmon

Last summer we took a trip to the Hermitage near Dunkeld, Perthshire, and had the luck of seeing some salmon trying to make their way up the waterfall. Most of the close ups were captured on a 70-200mm lens which was pointing down at the falls from above.

Proper Winter

At last proper winter with proper snow, WooHoo!¬†Unfortunately had to watch most of through a window at nighttime due to Nightshift, but did manage to get out a bit. ¬†Before my nights I managed to get out and about with Ian and Mike to the hermitage on a snowy night. None of us remembered a […]

Autumn scenes in Perthshire

Last week I grabbed MadMike on his day off and dragged him into the cold winds of Perthshire to photograph the autumn leaves before they all fall off the trees. We ended up at Rumblin’ Bridge and The Hermitage and I was pleased with the results:

Winter Walk, last day of 2011

Myself, Father and my eldest sister, decided to go for a wee walk on the last day of 2011. As the weather left a bit to be desired we decided to not go too far and agreed to have a wee trip up to the Hermitage and walk through to the Rumbling Bridge. Ian had […]

The Hermitage – what a mess!

On my Sunday off (yesterday) I grabbed the family and went for a walk at Dunkeld’s Hermitage area, a hugely popular tourist spot. Despite the cold, snow and ice, it was quite busy with well-wrapped peeps. First thing I noted was the sign warning of closed areas due to storm damage from the recent high […]

The Hermitage, Dunkeld

Location: The Hermitage | Time: 1300 17/02/10 Really? The Hermitage? Again? Yes, we revisited one of the most over photographed areas of Scotland once more in the hope of something new and exciting. We got plenty of excitement when we realised how slippy the rocks were but that wasn’t going to stop me climbing to […]