Urban Band

Saturday 19th March- Clear water Rehearsal studios Perth So it was last Saturday I was out for this one and I apologise for the delay in the write up, but been a busy week. Our local punk band R.P.G. are releasing a 3 track CD and wanted a cover shot for it, so I arranged […]

Punk at the Tams

location:- The Twa Tams Perth R.P.G (Rabid Punk Guitars) were doing a warm up gig for The Curtains at the Twa Tams pub in Perth which is known for supporting local bands. So after sharing a bottle of wine with Fee we headed down to the Tams and while she bought me some strange concoction […]

Rabid Punk Guitars

Corinna hotelĀ  Sat 19th June There’s a condition at work which we call “nightshift brain”and this is when during or after working waking nightshifts your brain gives up its higher levels of functioning due to the tiredness, isolation and general messing about of the body clock. The phenomenon can last for a good few days […]

R.P.G. Rehearsals

Rehearsal studio on Shore Road Perth Last weekend I took photos for a local punk band R.P.G and I’m pleased to say they were happy with the outcome. I agreed to meet up with them at their rehearsal studio in Perth to give them a hard version of the shots and also to take some […]

The Bishops Birthday Banquet

Rabid Punk Guitars (R.P.G) at the Corinna hotel I was invited to take photos at a friends punk gig. His band the Rabid Punk Guitars were playing at a local hotel. As I got my ticket for free I was more than happy to offer my services. So After doing an early shift after a […]

Ghosts in the Twa’ Tams

A week ago I went to the Twa Tams in Perth to see my friends play a gig with their band Ghosts in the Arcade. I took my usual array of camera gear which includes my off-camera flash setup (a cheapo thing I got from Hong Kong). Today was the day for this contraption to […]

Ghosts in the Arcade’s album

Amazon.co.uk Widgets Local band from Perth and Dundee with some great tracks on their debut album. I do most of their photography and they are mates – but that doesn’t mean you lot can’t support them by purchasing some decent non-mainstream music now does it? http://www.ghostsinthearcade.co.uk