Pitlochry Dam and a creepy tunnel

A few of us set off to Pitlochry for some evening shooting a wee while back. There wasn’t a lot to get our photographic teeth into and Ian ended up recording and editing a video short using Sarah and Martyn as “actors”. You can view the vid and Ian’s few images below. a>   A […]

Auchmithie Harbour and sunset

Wednesday night is proving to be a good time for us to head out with the camera’s and capture some of our beautiful country. This week was no exception and saw five of us head out to Auchmithie again in search of some slow shutter speed action. I ended up loading in the polariser, the […]

Kinnoull Hill Sunset and Light Painting

April has continued to be wet and windy and a proper challenge for photography. We had a wee trip to Broughty Ferry last week and could barely take a shot through all the wind and driving rain. However things like that don’t stop us and we have taken some crackers as a result (we’ve also […]

A Mini and the Forth Rail Bridge

After spending the day at the Photo Vision Roadshow in Edinburgh and getting a proper look at some of the excellent products out there, a mate of mine and I decided to take his classic Mini out for a spin. We ended up in North Queensferry overlooking the Forth Rail Bridge – here are some […]

Abandoned Buildings in the Night

On a freezing cold Wednesday night PK decided it was a good idea to go out with the cameras. We headed into Fife after picking up Craig at the Tay Bridge car park and found a nice area by the water. I’m still on a mission to take great timelapses and so set up my […]

Little Glenshee in the Moonlight

After rushing about like a plank on Friday trying to sort out a problem that had presented itself I was in less than a good mood. Going out to the middle of nowhere to freeze my butt off seemed like the best solution! It did the trick… Sarah and I headed to Little Glenshee (not […]

5 photographers, 1 blog???

Last night turned out to be the 2nd windiest photoshoot I’d ever been on (the first was a day trip to Arbroath a few months back where the foam from the sea was airborne!) and I had four others with me, two of which were new to this SLR malarky. Chris, Darryl, Mike, Alzo and […]

Kenmore and Killin night shoot

Having two children is taking its toll on my photography time. More often than not I find that the only opportunity I get to go out shooting is after 6pm and at this time of year that means darkness and cold. This week was no exception and Sarah and I found ourselves out at 7pm […]

Phone booths and flash gels…

Location on Google Maps | 20/01/2011 | 1900-2200 After a little unplanned hiatus from our little trips into the unknown, PK were back in action last night armed with our cameras and flashgels for a bit of night photography. We were joined by Mike in Perth and decided to head to the Lochearnhead area to […]

Take 2 meteors into the shower? Not me!

Moneydie area, Perthshire:  Friday 13th August 23:00 After being out with Sarah on Thursday and killing my 1st camera battery on the twilight shots, I returned home to find a posting on Facebook about the looming Perseid meteor shower. With my camera on my back and my tripod in my hand, I cycled to just […]

Star trails above Perth

I have been wanting to attempt the technique of star trails for a long time now and always seemed to find an excuse to not stand out in the cold at stupid-o-clock in a field for 3 hours. Last nights sky went from being very overcast to incredibly clear in the matter of an hour […]