Picnic in the Park

 Part of me enjoying time off work in the sunshine, I met my sister and her kids at the South Inch park for a picnic. I planned to get a few photos of them all together but it just wasn’t going to happen as they just wouldn’t stay still! They did however play a lot […]

1st Snow of winter

North Inch Perth:  Lunchtime, Tues Nov 30th Winter has most definitely started and the the weather has been weird and wonderful with heavy snow, freezing temperatures and thunder and lightning. Getting to work has been exciting and at one point had a rather scary bus journey where we got stuck behind the gritter/ plough which […]

Smelly London again

East London, 31/8-2/9 2010 The time had come to visit my sister and her family in London again. So it was on to the 6 hour train journey on a busy train where I had a sandwich and plum drama, leaving myself little to eat, my walkman phone (cheap in the meantime one after the […]

St Andrews- Fife

Location: St Andrews | Time: 1230 27/02/10 Ok  it wasn’t really the best weather this weekend, but I wasn’t working so my God I was going out and about. There has been another great snow fall this week, but I thought ‘no more snow’ and headed to Fife where the snow was only a suspicion […]

Cold and Misty Perth

Location: Perth| Time: 09th January 15:30ish So had just got home after another long sleepover shift and was feeling a little drained and down. As I got into the city center the sun was just going down and I noticed a slight mist skulking in. Suddenly I had a wave of motivation and enthusiasm to […]

South Inch Perth

Location: Perth| Time: 6th January 12:30ish So I finally ventured out into the frozen snowy landscape that is Perth and well, Scotland in general. As I’ve been working sleepovers and nighshifts I have seen some beautiful morning mists and evening sunsets, but as working not had the camera or time to take a photo. Today, […]