Perth Highland Games

It was Highland Games time, so i went along with the zoom lens to see what I could get. There was a good crowd of people and the dog agility (by Kairyn’s Canine Capers) was particularly popular to watch, though there were the usual track and field events too as well as pipe bands, solo […]

Exhibition held this Saturday

We are delighted to have been asked to hold an exhibition in the Perth branch of Visit Scotland. This Saturday (29th August 2015) we will be manned up in the back room from about 10am until the cows come home. Or maybe 4pm – whichever comes first! We’re even giving you the chance to win […]

Perth Highland Games

PK agreed to do the photography for the Perth Highland games, held on the North Inch in the pouring rain and biting wind. In a classic Scottish Irony the weather had been lovely up to the week of the games and, though there had been rain in that week, the day before (when the Kilt […]

Perth City Fireworks

Ian and Sarah were perched on the middle Perth bridge last Tuesday for the annual firework display. It was another crackimg night and a big thanks go out to all the volunteers at the Round Table for making it all possible. I mostly shot video for a change – big thanks to Tenesee Kait for […]

Fair City Enduro – Day 1

The Fair City Enduro was held at the weekend and was a great success with smiles beaming from every direction. PK Perspective were there on an official capacity to capture the action, of which there was plenty! Below is a slideshow of the Air bag tricks – click on the button below to visit the […]

Garden Project

  Took a trip down to work offices to do some photos of the garden project there. They are doing up the gardens and growing their own veg in a poly tunnel. It is run by our in house gardener and is tended by various service users with learning disabilities.  They have done a fabulous […]

Perth Show

  Managed to get down to the Perth Show after my nightshifts and did some photos for the Beautiful Perth lot. It was thankfully a nice day and I had a good wander around, looking around the many stalls, selling things, promoting things, looking for new volunteers. Then there were the Horse shows and the […]

Picnic in the Park

 Part of me enjoying time off work in the sunshine, I met my sister and her kids at the South Inch park for a picnic. I planned to get a few photos of them all together but it just wasn’t going to happen as they just wouldn’t stay still! They did however play a lot […]

Kinnoull Hill Sunset and Light Painting

April has continued to be wet and windy and a proper challenge for photography. We had a wee trip to Broughty Ferry last week and could barely take a shot through all the wind and driving rain. However things like that don’t stop us and we have taken some crackers as a result (we’ve also […]

Perth Library Photo Competition

  A new competition is offering amateur photographers the chance to see their work grace new Perth & Kinross Council library cards The competition is looking for photographs that capture the natural beauty of the area and also have a literary connection. Winning pictures will be used as backgrounds on future library cards. Photographs will […]

Perth Jaunt with a PK regular

After years and years of talking to each other over the interwebs, a certain Pitlochry photographer and I got together in Perth city centre for a session. Davy has been a follower of PK from as far back as I can remember and I have watched his work evolve and improve over the years. So […]

Proper Winter

At last proper winter with proper snow, WooHoo! Unfortunately had to watch most of through a window at nighttime due to Nightshift, but did manage to get out a bit.  Before my nights I managed to get out and about with Ian and Mike to the hermitage on a snowy night. None of us remembered a […]