A Mini and the Forth Rail Bridge

After spending the day at the Photo Vision Roadshow in Edinburgh and getting a proper look at some of the excellent products out there, a mate of mine and I decided to take his classic Mini out for a spin. We ended up in North Queensferry overlooking the Forth Rail Bridge – here are some […]

Forth Bridge Illumination

The Forth Bridge has been lit up once again after 2 years in the dark. Switching the 1,054 floodlights back on will coincide with the 122nd anniversary of the opening of the bridge – one of the largest floodlit structures in the world! This last image is HDR – 2 shots of different exposures are […]

South Queensferry in the Dark

South Queensferry on Google Last night three of us headed to South Queensferry in order to shoot the Forth Bridge in the dark. Mike, Sarah and I left Perth at 7pm with the sun already down and the clouds coating the sky. No star trails shots were going to happen on this night… I was […]

Loch Leven and Fife Runaround

After helping Sarah (Ian did all the work) take an old TV to the skip, our two entrepid photographer set about the shores of Loch Leven to see what they could see, see, see. And all that they could see, see ,see… was some crap cloud cover and no light to speak of! Sarah had […]