Had a trip to Orkney this summer. A beautiful set of Islands full of big views, great driving, wide open spaces and lots and lots of history. We only had a few days but jammed in as much as we could, visiting historical sites ranging from neolithic Standing stones, Cairns covered in Viking graffiti, to […]

Perth Highland Games

It was Highland Games time, so i went along with the zoom lens to see what I could get. There was a good crowd of people and the dog agility (by Kairyn’s Canine Capers) was particularly popular to watch, though there were the usual track and field events too as well as pipe bands, solo […]

Finlarig Castle – Explore

We recently visited Killin, Stirlingshire, in order to return to Finlarig Castle. There is a very comprehensive history of the castle over at Undiscovered Scotland which we highly recommend you check out! This 1600’s building is now pretty much in complete ruin and there is a warning sign as you approach regarding the dangerous condition […]

Perth Highland Games

PK agreed to do the photography for the Perth Highland games, held on the North Inch in the pouring rain and biting wind. In a classic Scottish Irony the weather had been lovely up to the week of the games and, though there had been rain in that week, the day before (when the Kilt […]

POW Camp and Loch

¬† Ian let us go out for a photo shoot at last. Wasn’t exactly great weather but we headed out anyway. Ended up at Cultybraggon camp in Comrie again (fabulous place), this is an old POW and army training camp. The place had been secured more than last time we were there (due to some […]

Hats and portraits

I did a wee photoshoot for a friend’s daughter who is a young and upcoming model and actress. We were a bit limited with space, but thankfully young Holly was happy to try different positions and to listen to my mad ideas. Once she (and myself) got into the swing of it and especially when […]

Happy New Year from Stirling Castle

Ian and Chris spent the new year standing out in a cold field in Stirlingshire. It was all for a good reason of course, and they managed to capture some cracking images of the firework display that Stirling Castle fired off at midnight. We could hear Deacon Blue belting out their classics from days gone […]

Stars over POW camp

It’s that time of year when we go out more at night than during the day as the days are short and the skies are beautiful. I had the frankly ingenious idea of going back to Cultybraggon POW camp at Comrie. Although it was quite chilly it was well worth it, the old huts and […]

Pitlochry Dam and a creepy tunnel

A few of us set off to Pitlochry for some evening shooting a wee while back. There wasn’t a lot to get our photographic teeth into and Ian ended up recording and editing a video short using Sarah and Martyn as “actors”. You can view the vid and Ian’s few images below. a>   A […]

Perth City Fireworks

Ian and Sarah were perched on the middle Perth bridge last Tuesday for the annual firework display. It was another crackimg night and a big thanks go out to all the volunteers at the Round Table for making it all possible. I mostly shot video for a change – big thanks to Tenesee Kait for […]