Waterfalls, Glens and Sunsets

  Me and Ian went for a a wee jaunt the other day. We had no real idea where to go and as I was still suffering a bit from a particularly random and weird perceptional migraine (including inability to control volume, losing words and replacing them with ‘third’ and pixelated vision!) I really wasn’t […]

Kinnoull Hill Sunset and Light Painting

April has continued to be wet and windy and a proper challenge for photography. We had a wee trip to Broughty Ferry last week and could barely take a shot through all the wind and driving rain. However things like that don’t stop us and we have taken some crackers as a result (we’ve also […]

Kinnoull Hill Sunset in Perth

A friend of mine from Denmark was over this week for a visit and he stayed locally for a couple of days. He shares an interest in photography so I decided to take him up Kinnoull Hill in Perth to watch the sun go down. What a result! His second day proved to be another […]

Abandoned buildings and sunset in Fife

  Just a wee little, last minute shoot as Ian was going to look at a car in Kilconquhar Fife. While he was looking at a possible new toy me and Darryl set out on foot and tried to beat the sunset. We got a few shots of the sun going down over the barley […]

Winter Sun in Fife and Dundee

Thankfully I had a day off and the sun was shining, though it was pretty cold. Although I was a bit migrainey I still went out with Father, though the migraine made my internal ISO about 1600 so it was sunglasses on pretty much all the time. We decided to go over to fife and […]

Kingsbarns With Friends…

Kingsbarns, Fifeland – LINK TO GOOGLE MAPS Thursday night brought five photographers together in a little town called Kingsbarns – not far from St. Andrews. The sun was to set at 19:50 (the night’s aren’t half drawing in) so we set off from Perth at 18:00 but the sunset I was expecting just didn’t happen […]