Troublesome Trio

  For the last few months I’ve been doing photos for my sister of her adorable 3 children. She requires landscape format, colour photos of the 3 children all together for her blog Three under 3. That is she expects me to be able to get all 3 children (all under 3 as name suggests) to stay […]

Girls, Girls, Girls

So had a day photographing children. First I spent a couple of hours shooting my friends gorgeous little girl, then it was round to my sisters to do her load. It was a great day but tiring and found myself talking to the cats like they were children when I got home!!!!!!  But all the […]

1st Birthday

Smelly London 2-6 December My lovely little nieces were turning one so the family decided to go down to London for their party. Of course the weather wasn’t going to make that easy. What is usually a 6.5 hour journey from my flat to my sisters turned into a 3 train, 2 tubes, very snowy, […]

Smelly London again

East London, 31/8-2/9 2010 The time had come to visit my sister and her family in London again. So it was on to the 6 hour train journey on a busy train where I had a sandwich and plum drama, leaving myself little to eat, my walkman phone (cheap in the meantime one after the […]

Clan Kelman

Carnoustie    Saturday 24th July As my sister was up with her husband and twins we had arranged to go over to my uncles house to see the Kelman side of the family. As there were too many people for one car me hired a 2nd so each had a baby and 2 adults per […]

Smelly London- again

Location: London  Time: 3-6/03/10 As my lovely sister has not moved back home to Scotland yet I had to brave horrid, smelly London again to see her and her family. I made the decision to go alone and that way i could actually talk to my sister about the non baby subjects as well as […]