Abandoned Buildings in the Night

On a freezing cold Wednesday night PK decided it was a good idea to go out with the cameras. We headed into Fife after picking up Craig at the Tay Bridge car park and found a nice area by the water. I’m still on a mission to take great timelapses and so set up my […]

Glen Lednock photos and video

Sarah and I had a rare shoot with just the two of us (plus my youngest sprog) and decided that driving up Glen Lednock was probably a good idea. It was sunny, and we were right! The skies were blue as far as the eye could see and it was actually warm enough to remove […]

Rumbling Bridge

 Very Rudely Ian decided to have a life away from photography so couldn’t  join me on my little outing. But fear not I took a newbie with me instead, just not the same by myself and without someone to help me if I get stuck somewhere. Though think I’m getting a bit old and fearful, […]

Falkirk Wheel Night Shoot

The Falkirk Wheel, a large rotating boat lift which connects the Forth and Clyde canal with the Union canal, is a fantastic feat of engineering and PK Perspective were lucky enough to be given permission to shoot the area after hours. <VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE> This £17.5 million structure stands tall above you yet is […]

Proper Winter

At last proper winter with proper snow, WooHoo! Unfortunately had to watch most of through a window at nighttime due to Nightshift, but did manage to get out a bit.  Before my nights I managed to get out and about with Ian and Mike to the hermitage on a snowy night. None of us remembered a […]

Cultybraggan POW Camp, Comrie

Sarah, Darryl (Baked Tatties Photography) and I headed off towards Crieff on a very foggy morning in Perthshire. Our destination: Cultybraggan – once a POW camp in WW2, was turned into an Army Training camp and is now… well we’re not too sure, but Wikipedia says this: The camp ceased to be used by the […]

Snow in Little Glenshee

After getting some brand new tyres on the front of the car I decided that they needed to be tested for their “B Grade” performance in the snow – and the white stuff was in plentiful supply! Time restrictions meant that we couldn’t go far so we returned to Little Glenshee, knowing that there would […]

Perth Christmas Lights

   We decided to do a real local shoot and went into Perth City Centre to shoot the Christmas lights. Although the snow had cleared it was still very bitter and I kept dropping my shutter remote because my hands were so cold even though I had 2 pairs of gloves on!!! The lights proved […]

Wet Night At North Queensferry

  We were all ready for a night shoot on a what was meant to be dry and clear night, however the weather had other ideas. North Queensferry was selected as our destination, though we have shot the Forth bridge many times at night it’s always been from the other side. To try and make […]

The wind in Broughty Ferry

Sarah and I went to Broughty Ferry earlier this week after collecting the PK 2013 Calendars from the printers (only £10 including UK delivery) and we were almost blown away by the wind for our trouble. After taking shelter in the free entry castle for a while we ventured onto the beach and onto the […]

Remember, remember the 5th November!

We stood in the cold for 45 mins to shoot 20 mins of fireworks, but have to admit it was a good display. And was actually on the 5th of November unlike other places that moved it to the weekend, apparently forgetting that it’s on the 5th as that is the anniversary of Guy Fawkes […]

Finally off Night shift, was almost in the land of the waking and the sun was actually shining, Yieahy!!!  Had already made plans to meet a friend in Dundee for lunch and a bit of shopping, but decided to take the camera too. After winding my way through the new traffic system at Dundee riverside, […]

Crieff knock and low battery

 Actually had a weekend off, so went out with my mother. We had planned to head out for lunch at Crieff Hydro then walk up the knock but my sister needed the car in the morning (to see the professional overly priced photos she got done last week, she won the session in a prize draw, […]

Abandoned buildings and sunset in Fife

  Just a wee little, last minute shoot as Ian was going to look at a car in Kilconquhar Fife. While he was looking at a possible new toy me and Darryl set out on foot and tried to beat the sunset. We got a few shots of the sun going down over the barley […]