Proper Winter

At last proper winter with proper snow, WooHoo! Unfortunately had to watch most of through a window at nighttime due to Nightshift, but did manage to get out a bit.  Before my nights I managed to get out and about with Ian and Mike to the hermitage on a snowy night. None of us remembered a […]

Best PK Snow Pictures

Scottish weather – you gotta love it! With the snow all but gone in the towns and villages nearby, I thought we could have a look back at some of the best snow pictures that have been taken over the years. Some are ours, some are from the PK Flickr group. Enjoy, and please remember […]

Snow in Little Glenshee

After getting some brand new tyres on the front of the car I decided that they needed to be tested for their “B Grade” performance in the snow – and the white stuff was in plentiful supply! Time restrictions meant that we couldn’t go far so we returned to Little Glenshee, knowing that there would […]

Winter Sun in Fife and Dundee

Thankfully I had a day off and the sun was shining, though it was pretty cold. Although I was a bit migrainey I still went out with Father, though the migraine made my internal ISO about 1600 so it was sunglasses on pretty much all the time. We decided to go over to fife and […]

Winter Walk, last day of 2011

Myself, Father and my eldest sister, decided to go for a wee walk on the last day of 2011. As the weather left a bit to be desired we decided to not go too far and agreed to have a wee trip up to the Hermitage and walk through to the Rumbling Bridge. Ian had […]

More Snow

Perth City- Lunchtime 9th January 2011 After Perth being frozen solid for weeks with pavements packed with inches of ice making it very hard to walk anywhere outside the city centre, the Weather decided to give us a break and get more mild. Mad that mild is -2 these days! But is wasn’t to last, […]

1st Snow of winter

North Inch Perth:  Lunchtime, Tues Nov 30th Winter has most definitely started and the the weather has been weird and wonderful with heavy snow, freezing temperatures and thunder and lightning. Getting to work has been exciting and at one point had a rather scary bus journey where we got stuck behind the gritter/ plough which […]


Two days of solid snow has trapped my car in the driveway and diddled me out of nine hours pay yesterday, thanks to the lack of buses or any other means to get to work. However today the sky is blue and the white stuff seems to be starting to thaw… if only just! Many […]

Angus Coast

Location: Angus area| Time: 30th January afternoon Saturday, and I was off work and the sun was shining and I was shattered after a very long week at work and being out with Ian the day before along with having a take away pizza with a  bear, forgetting to take flowers to Dundee and being […]

Cold and Misty Perth

Location: Perth| Time: 09th January 15:30ish So had just got home after another long sleepover shift and was feeling a little drained and down. As I got into the city center the sun was just going down and I noticed a slight mist skulking in. Suddenly I had a wave of motivation and enthusiasm to […]

South Inch Perth

Location: Perth| Time: 6th January 12:30ish So I finally ventured out into the frozen snowy landscape that is Perth and well, Scotland in general. As I’ve been working sleepovers and nighshifts I have seen some beautiful morning mists and evening sunsets, but as working not had the camera or time to take a photo. Today, […]

Christmas Day Walk – Quarrymill

Location: Scone| Time: Christmas Day, 2pm Santa has been and gone for another year. I stuffed myself full of mum’s turkey, beef, parsnips and roast tatties until I couldn’t anymore. Then made room for some pudding… Before all eating extravaganza my Dad had decided to take the dogs for a walk down Quarrymill at the […]

Featured Image – The Cuilc

This lovely snowscene was Captured by Davy Nelson, someone I have hooked up with from the PK Flickr Group and have been in contact with since. His captures of Pitlochry Dam while the gates were open showed me a sight I have wanted to see for many years. This particular image I find very calming […]