An ode to the flash drive pen

The new millennium is well under way and we still don’t live on the moon, ride our hover boards to school or fuel our flying cars with rubbish thanks to Mr Fusion.

However we can (and many people do) carry a lot of gigabytes of our personal files around with us on the wonderful device that is the USB Flash Pen Drive. I personally have an 8gb one that has a case that spins round to protect the USB end. Peachy!

My very first pen was probably about 16mb and by these days standards is only good for a couple of MP3’s at the very most but back in the days, before broadband, napster and friendface, this was a huge amount of storage to fit in your pocket. It was like a status thing. Kinda like when mobile phones first hit the scene but only 3 people in your office actually cared…

Anyway my ode to the flash pen comes from the survival ration of these devices. I for one have lost mine many times but have always found it again. Twice I have lost it to the wash cycle. The full works – an hour in the washing machine followed by 80  minutes in the tumble dryer. Your average hard drive would be completely useless after such abuse but not my wee pen drive. It worked first time to my amazement each time.

What do i keep on it? Nothing important. Nothing that would induce panic or tears if it was lost. However if I do ever find something of national interest (or good porn), i’ll be sure to keep it on my USB stick!

Pen drives – I salute you.

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