Castlesea Bay, Seaton cliffs, Arbroath.

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Another rainy day in Perth (thanks BBC website for saying that it would be sunny. Pfffft!) but with my daughter now in school all day I decided to chance it and go out regardless of the wet stuff.

Sarah and I returned to Seaton Cliffs to try and shoot the tidal waves smashing off the rocks and found ourselves on a very waterlogged path leading to the secluded beach area. The monsoon-esque weather we have been having has certainly taken its toll on the area.

Unfortunately I had completely forgotten to wear my walking boots and the incredibly slimey rocks were too dangerous for me to get anywhere near where I wanted to be.

Instead, I pulled out my macro extension tubes…

Shooting entirely in manual mode(focus, aperture and shutter speed) is not the easiest thing to achieve when the wind is blowing your subject all over the place. I upped the ISO in order to achieve a faster shutter speed but was still struggling to get what I was looking for. Sarah seemed to have more luck with her new Infrared filter…

I do love the Seaton cliffs and castlesea bay inparticular, it is beeutiful but quite hard to photograph, being such a big scale. The slippy rocks and mass amount of wet seaweed made it hard to actually get to the sea so I had to settle with some rock pools and then the bay itself.

As there was some light I tried out my new infared filter. First I had to reset the white balance, I used green for the 1st few shots and red for the 2nd lot. The next problem was focus, as the filter cut out too much light for the auto focus I had to focus then screw on the filter, and think I may have knocked the focus off a little when putting on the filter. With the shutter speed on about 20-30 sec and the ISO on 400 to start with then moved down to 100 I managed to get a few Lunar looking shots.

Castlesea Bay through the Infared filter

With the tide coming in and the cavers, who had followed us, down finally appearing form a small side cave just before the tide took it over (I never knew the cave they went in connected to the cave they came out, and it must of been a bit of a tight fit!) We headed back up the rather steep slope and through the muddy gully back to the car.

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