Christmas Day Walk – Quarrymill

Location: Scone| Time: Christmas Day, 2pm

Santa has been and gone for another year. I stuffed myself full of mum’s turkey, beef, parsnips and roast tatties until I couldn’t anymore. Then made room for some pudding…

Before all eating extravaganza my Dad had decided to take the dogs for a walk down Quarrymill at the bottom of Scone which leads to the Bridgend area if you walk far enough. So we geared up with as much warm clothing as we could and grabbed the camera.

The last remaining autumn leaves in December
The last remaining autumn leaves in December

The sun was just starting to go down and the light coming through the trees was stunning and provided the opportunity for some great shots. This didn’t last long as the rays were blocked by a small hill, taking away any chance we had of a decent shot. We reached the bottom end of the walk and the way back involves climbing up the steps on the other side of the small burn that flows with you as you stride. This returned us to the correct height for the sunshine and the shooting commenced.

There were quite a few cheery faces on the same paths as us that day which was nice to see. I remember from years ago that everyone would greet each other with a friendly grin and the various incarnations of “Merry Christmas” but now it seems that simply smiling at each other is all people are willing to extend to. Or maybe that’s the sign of a village that is no longer small enough for such things.

My dad's two rescue greyhounds, Belle & Sandy
My dad's two rescued greyhounds, Belle & Sandy

The picture of the two dogs was captured just as the walk ended. I popped my on-camera flash (which I hate) and shot blind by dangling the camera at its widest zoom in front of the dogs nose and walked at the same speed while shooting. The result was an image with lots of movement but I was delighted to see that the eyes are very sharp and I will be disappointed if my folks don’t get this one enlarged and framed. The small size does it no justice at all.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got what they were after. I’m still a mile off being able to afford my Ipod Touch 32gb but it remain that way until the car is sorted out (see older posts for the car state) and I am in posession of my bonus pay in Q1 of 2010.

Talking of pay, I have to go back to work on Sunday! No doubt it will be a bit chaotic but that should help the day go a lot faster.

I’ve woken up to a very misty, snowy morning so the camera may not get much rest…

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