Cold and Misty Perth

Location: Perth| Time: 09th January 15:30ish

Misty evening at the Inch

So had just got home after another long sleepover shift and was feeling a little drained and down. As I got into the city center the sun was just going down and I noticed a slight mist skulking in. Suddenly I had a wave of motivation and enthusiasm to go out and about while my cold world was looking so mysterious and lovely. So it was into the flat, feed the very noisy cats, pick up the camera and I was out again. I just headed towards the mist which again took me to the South Inch.

Although I had been just a couple of days before the place looked totally different and as the mist thickened it got beautiful and a bit eerie. With a big smile on my face I got a bit snap happy with people and trees appearing and disappearing in the whiteness. Must admit the camera struggled to find what to focus on and I had the lens on manual most the time, but it was all good arty fun!

After wandering around the atmospheric park and getting a little worried that I couldn’t really see where I was anymore, after all my sense of direction sucks at the best of time, I headed for the river. The sun was well and truely setting and the temperature dipped quite dramatically when I thankfully found the riverside and there another surprise awaited me. The river Tay which flows north to south through Perth was frozen over and not just a little bit. Between the 2 road bridges it was frozen solid all the way across at one point and most of the way at others. As the Tay is a pretty fast flowing river this was pretty impressive and goes to show how cold it has been here. I have never seen it frozen before and have only heard about people skating on it in the urban myths!

Cold and in awe of nature I then retreated into town and while having a phone conversation about a evil snow white and a vampire beauty using a kind-hearted beast, I snapped a few shots of the city to the disapproval of some passer bys! Sometimes Sconies (people form Perth) can be so stuck up!

So although I didn’t venture far and I got incredibly cold I think the little adventure was worth it and got some lovely shots. All the same do wish it would thaw out a bit and I could get out and about proper again!

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