Finlarig Castle Ruins

iansmallSarah and I jumped in the car and headed to Killin today to visit the ruin of Finlarig Castle. Armed to the teeth with our infrared filters, the sky was in perfect condition with white fluffy clouds and deep blue skies for some IR work.

Shooting at iso 100 and around f.7 we were hitting shutter speeds of around 20-100 seconds to get a good result. This also blurred the clouds passing overhead.
I had read on the interweb that the Nikon D7000 wasn’t good for infrared images. I beg to differ! My results from this camera have been far superior to anything I managed to squeeze from the D200.

Have a look below and see what you think. A video will be along shortly too.



Infrared on the Nikon D7000 – more than achievable!


sarahsmall I must admit to not being very precise with my timing technique. Set it up, ISO 100, F6 ish, focussed, put on filter, pressed shutter release, then wandered off for a wee bit, played with the wee man, remembered what I was meant to be doing and went back to turn off shutter! I’ll call it instinct but could just be luck!!! Was a lovely day though and the place was very quiet so I didn’t have an audience when I got a little stuck up a tree.

Well here’s a couple of mine

Standing ruins
Standing Ruins

Inner Finlarig
Inner Finlarig

Fallen castle
Fallen Castle

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