Kingsbarns, Fife – Revisit

Location: Angus area| Time: 10th February | 1300

A life on the ocean waves...
A life on the ocean waves...

Our trip took us to Kingsbarns today – actually I should really say BACK to Kingsbarns as the last time we were there it was tipping down and freezing cold. Quite a contrast to the sunny blue skies that greeted us today.

I came across a cheap filter the other day, one that I have been wanting for a while. It’s a Cokin 8x ND filter which basically blocks out a whole heap of light and allows for much slower shutter speeds during daylight hours. Ideal for waterfalls or ocean scenes such as these. Cokin P154 Neutral Grey ND8X Square Filter

With tripod and camera in hand we ventured down to the rocky coastline and kept second-guessing ourselves to whether the tide was  on it’s way in or out. Turns out that it was on it’s way in as we discovered when almost getting wet a couple of times. Due to my new cokin setup (I had the polariser AND the new ND filter on the lens) I was managing to get shutter speeds as low as 2 seconds at iso 100, even with the sun blazing down! I was at f22 which was helping to block out that pesky sunlight and also get as much of the scene in focus as possible.

Timing is crucial for these kind of shots. Hitting the shutter too early provides  little sense of movement, too late and the whitewash has taken over the shot,  providing a lack of detail.

On the way back we met a rather fine gentleman with a 500mm lens, which obviously caught our atttention! We exchanged details and I tracked him down on Flickr: Sidedrummers photostream

Good to meet you fella!

beautiful prehistioric looking beach

The sky was blue, the wind brisk but fresh and the day young, what better to do than a wee trip to the beach. Of course the wind there turned from brisk to down right cold, but it was worth it to see the sundrenched beach. Last time it was very wet when we went to Kingsbarns and a almost got washed away. This time it was beautiful and sunny and I almost got washed away! As usual we were wrong about the tide going out, but hey why break a habit of a lifetime.

As the sun was so bright and I have no filters to fit the wide lens I couldn’t get a good slow mo shot, so after watching the waves get bigger through the lens and getting a bit splashed I stowed the tripod and went for a venture with camera in hand. The next bay down from the old harbour was lovely and looked a bit prehistoric with blocks of yellow rocks littering a golden beach and a bright blue sky reaching over it. After exploring the fabulous beach and appreciating natures idea of style I settled in  front of the waves to get a few incoming water shots, however forgot that the wide angle lens makes everything look further away and myself and camera had to make a sudden retreat!

After a few shots of the old harbour and a chat with a very nice fellow photographer with a impressive big lens we headed back through the kingdom (though it has no King) of Fife. All in all a good, but cold day and must admit Ian was right to decide to return to Kingsbarns. Topped it all off with a lovely Mexican meal cooked by a very nice bear! All days off should be more like this one.

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