Kinnoull Hill, Perth

Location: Perth| Time: About 1pm

Ian: Got off to a late start as I had to take the wife back to hospital (hyperemisis trouble) and so with both of us working tonight we settled on the rather close location of Kinnoull Hill for our wee day oot. After parking the car and having our lunch that Sarah had already picked up from Baguette Express, we threw on our winter gear and started up the hill.

Sarah and Katie on the large stone table
Sarah and Katie on the large stone table

The usual un-sociable horses were in the field with their blue jackets on and we weren’t shot of hyperactive dogs and their owners to say hello to. The place is of course very muddy from all the rain we have had over the last few weeks (I expect my golf course to still be shut for a while yet) but the recently laid paths were holding up well.

The bairn managed to walk all the way up to the top by herself – not a bad effort at just under 3 years old! I didn’t say she didn’t moan about it however…

The light was quite good today and was throwing some harsh shadows if you wanted them. I had set myself a wee challenge and had only taken the zoom lens as I am getting bored always doing “wide angle on a tripod” shots all the time. I used to do this with the macro lens as it limits your options and makes you work harder to get a shot.

I did alright!

Sarah: For once it wasn’t raining.. yieahy!…So we took advantage of the rare occurrence and went out into the sunny but freezing cold day. As had a late start and were both working that night and I had a migraine we decided not to go far. So we headed up Kinnoull hill, which I often walk up in summer from the town center. This time though we drove to the back car park (jubilee I think). After having a lunch of baguettes, which I kindly provided, and Ian throwing my can of juice off of the boot lid by accident (was enjoying my Irn Bru too) we headed up the main hill. Katie was excited about seeing the horses, though they couldn’t care less about her,  and she was keen to get to the castle (which is actually a folly). As it’s an easy walk (though maybe not for an almost 3 year old) we went to the 2nd point and summit of Kinoull where there is a large stone table me and Katie sat on and Katie was very happy to have a shot of my camera, though it was hard to get it back off of her.. must remember to get her to bring her own in the future.

Some of the graffitti on the stone table
Some of the graffiti on the stone table

Then it was a short walk to the trig point and main summit where Katie sat and was the highest person in Perth!.. Then a wee wander down to the large wooden squirrel before roaming down the hill again, picking up a magic wand or 2 on the way. One of which was a feather as all feathers are magic as that’s why birds can fly!…. So although muddy and cold not a bad day and was great to get out and about and not get soaking wet for a change.


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