Loch Leven and Fife Runaround

After helping Sarah (Ian did all the work) take an old TV to the skip, our two entrepid photographer set about the shores of Loch Leven to see what they could see, see, see. And all that they could see, see ,see… was some crap cloud cover and no light to speak of!

Loch Leven Shores
The shores of Loch Leven

Sarah had stated her availability for Monday and Tuesday this week and after checking the weather forecast, we decided that the “sunny” Tuesday was the way to go. Met Office – you suck! Massive cloud coverage was stopping any decent light from getting through!

We arrived at Loch Leven after some random turns and junctions as we weren’t sure of where to go at all. After a bit of a drive, the nature reserve was staring at us so we pulled in for a nosey. I’m sure I have cycled this area before with my Dad while waiting on my car getting a full service at Glenfarg Garage but it’s in a much better state than the construction site is was on my last visit.

It’s a pretty straightforward set of paths that lead you one way round the Loch or the other. Signs were up apologising that the nature hides had been taken down due to flood damage but the paths themselves were in fantastic condition – highly recommended for an easy cycle or for wheelchair users. You never wander far from the waters edge and I can see me taking the pushbike down there during the summer.

Tripod and D200 in hand, I set about trying to find a decent shot that wouldn’t rely on the bestest damn natural light you have ever seen. The well-made benches were the obvious target but were lacking any depth. We also had a task of making a new banner for this very website to replace the cold snow of winter. Snowdrops were few and far between but we found a nice clump to be the main focus of the new header (which I will upload as soon as Sarah sends me the image…).

As usual when I was at work the sun was shining and the area was beautiful and photographable, but once finally got a day to go out explore the sun was doing a very good job of hiding and the light was far from fantastic. We ended up at the shores of Loch Leven in Kinrosshire. The castle in the middle is where Mary queen of Scots was held prisoner. However the boats don’t go there until summer so we just went around the nature reserve.

It had all the trappings of spring with scatterings of snowdrops and the beginnings of life but little sun or heat and I was made to wear my overly bright RED gloves. Not exactly fashionable but at least my hands were warm. After trying to get a nice shot of the Loch, which unfortunately there was not enough light to get a dramatic shot of and too much to get a slow shutter, we set out to get our spring header shot with cameras and snowdrops. Got a couple which I will send to Ian to upload to blog, and also let him choose weather to put one of him or me on!

Poetic bench on the banks of Loch Leven

After saying hello to several dogs which were not on leads like the sign claimed they should be and playing around with the remote flash, need to get another so can flash 2 flashes from one camera, without using the cameras own flash¬† (Sounds complex but does work, sure Ian can add a bit of info on remote flashing which doesn’t involve long trench coats from a distance!),¬† Anyway we headed up to Queensferry to get a photo of the Forth bridges. Again the sky was a bit boring and overcast but managed to make something out of a panoramic. The most annoying thing was a sheer amount of workies there. The rail bridge is in constant repair these days, although the new paint means it doesn’t have to be painted constantly any more. The bridges beauty is disguised by scaffolding and plastic, don’t think I’ve ever seen it any other way. Of course it is actually the suspension road bridge that is falling down due to the mere amount of traffic that crosses it every day as it is the main route in and out of the Capital.

So not the most successful photo day, but at least I got out and about in the daylight before my nightshifts when I won’t really see daylight at all.

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