Luncarty, Perthshire

Location: Luncarty area| Time: 14th January 13.00

The wee one has recently started nursery which is fantastic for her, but the timing has messed with our normal regime of meeting for lunch then scooting off somewhere in the car (which has been returned to me all fixed and good btw).

twenty week scan picture
All seems to be well and good at the 20 week stage!

We are trying to figure out a new way of working so today after the Potter family had a wee trip to the hospital for the 20 week scan I collected Sarah from town and had lunch at my place – a hastily thrown together pot of leek and potato soup. It was braw!

We ventured out into the damp and soggy roads of Luncarty heading for the River Tay just down the back of the village. The ice/snow was moving between melting and topped up with fresh fall which was just making the situation even more treacherous. I found this out after trying (and failing) to get the car into the driveway that I had cleared just a day before.

Light was scarce and I had very little hope of  getting any results from this little walk and by the time we reached the water I don’t think I had pressed the shutter as many as five times. To my surprise there were a group of fisherman IN the water just as we started along the riverbank who looked a lot less miserable than they should have done from standing in a freezing river.

We made an executive decision to turn round and head back after the Tay showed no signs of giving us a quality photograph and were delighted to see the sun starting to break through the clouds on the horizon – there was hope after all!

The light breaking through the snow clouds
The light breaking through the snow clouds
Slushy and icy but still lovely!

The snow had thawed enough to let me escape Perth for a while, phew! although I had purchased a megarider+ for my cheap bus travel including today’s trip to Luncarty, Ian actually came and got me as he had got the scan time wrong the other day when we arranged this. Just typical you buy a seven day pass and end up not using the bus!

Anyway after Ian dropped the wee one off at nursery while I stirred the soup and cleaned the kitchen (sure I got the bad end of that deal!) and we had a quick lunch, we headed into the tropical paradise which is Luncarty…. well ok so maybe not tropical or paradise but definitely Luncarty. There was still a lot of snow there and a fresh flurry was falling and the roads were mostly just sluchy, slippy badness. However it did have that cold winterland wonder to it, but unfortunately not much light at all. We slid and walked down to the Tay which must of been baltic, but that didn’t stop fishermen doing their thing. think the only thing they caught was hypothermia.

After walking along a little we decided it was a bad idea and turned back and went to find the old remains of a mill I remembered seeing in my childhood. But this being modern day Britain it was now a load of new boring looking houses. Think I preferred the mill. Anyway on the way back the sun fought its’ way through the snow clouds and gave us a little glimmer of hope and a few nice shots.  So although maybe not the most exciting location still got a few shots and was very nice to be out of Perth for a bit and back with my photo buddies. Not the same going out alone!

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