Perth Show

sarahsmall  Managed to get down to the Perth Show after my nightshifts and did some photos for the Beautiful Perth lot. It was thankfully a nice day and I had a good wander around, looking around the many stalls, selling things, promoting things, looking for new volunteers. Then there were the Horse shows and the massive cows. Though no tourists cows on the day I went, think they were there the day after. The whole place had a great feel and the people were wonderful company, though some of the visitors were a little cheeky and fresh, though all in good humour. So here’s some of the photos I got. For more info look at the beautiful Perth website

The stalls
The Stalls

Farming, golf and whisky
The wonderful man from the Farming magazine stall

Waste Scotland Stall
Reusable Nappies on the Waste Scotland Stall

The show animals
The Show Animals and their riders

Sisters on matching ponies
Girls and Their Ponies

watching the competition
Watching the Competition

The people
The People

Sitting with the Cows
Sitting with their Cows

Enjoying the show
Enjoying a drink in the Sunshine

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