Perthshire & Angus- searching for snow!

Location: Perthshire and Angus   Time: 1400ish 28.02.10

The very sodden Dunkeld Cathedral

While my father is the all time wonderer, my mother is a woman what lunches. Today we lunched at Gloagburn farm, a lovely local farm at Tibbermore with a very good cafe. It cooks all its own food and uses its own produce where possible and is really quite delightful, though not cheap. But hey I wasn’t paying! Once our bellies were full I suggested we go in search of the snow as felt like I was missing out on it as Perth had missed all of the recent down fall of  snow. As we could see the snow on the hills and there was some at Gloagburn we thought it would be easy to find more. We decided to head to Dunkeld and its Cathedral thinking it would look lovely in the snow, after all it was in the right direction as the snow gates on the A9 had been closed again up from Dunkeld. Once there we were a little disappointed by the lack of snow, there was only a scattering at the Cathedral. It still looked lovely but we couldn’t go into the Nave as it was completely sodden and the light was just awful. But managed to squeeze off a few shots.

Knowing that the snow couldn’t be far as we could smell it on the air, we headed out the back roads to Coupar Angus. Though the roads were interesting and proper Scottish winding roads (nothing vaguely Roman about them) there was no snow. We could see it on the hills but couldn’t seem to get near. We drove passed the Meikleour hedge in all its record breaking glory and on towards Coupar Angus without encountering any snow! Now my Stubbornness kicked in and I persuaded mum to keep driving as the snow looked so close. We headed for what we thought was Newtyle at the back of Dundee and somehow ended up at Glamis.  No idea how that happened, but Glamis did have snow. We took the road back down towards Dundee and pulled into a snowy lay by, jumped out the car and with camera in hand looked around and found a great snowy view with absolutely no light! the sun had disappeared behind a large black cloud. Guess photography is half pure luck after all! So it was back into the car and onwards and upwards and the sun came out and the snow was close by and beautiful and there was absolutely nowhere to stop the car as the road was winding and narrow with no lay bys and cars behind us. Once back onto main roads with many places to stop and the sun shining the snow had once again disappeared. I finally accepted that it just wasn’t meant to be and we headed home via Glendoick garden centre to try and find a large shade loving indoor plant for a stairwell. Bit random but mum felt it important!

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