Picnic in the Park

sarahsmall Part of me enjoying time off work in the sunshine, I met my sister and her kids at the South Inch park for a picnic. I planned to get a few photos of them all together but it just wasn’t going to happen as they just wouldn’t stay still! They did however play a lot on the various things there, just not a the same place at the same time. We also met a friend of mine with her child, who seemed a lot quieter and calmer than the nieces and was tempted to try swap one!!!  I did however get some lovely shots of the terrors although their hats became a problem as it kept their faces always in shadow, good for their skin, but bad for the photos!!! As I hadn’t brought my bag, just the camera with the zoom lens, I had no flash to use to lighten up their faces. Also other parents get a little twitchy when you are taking photos at a park and think a big flash gun would make it look more official and hence make them even twitchier. All in all was a good day even if I had forgotten to change my white balance back to auto and had to change the colours in photoshop, oops.

In the Park
In The Park

Little Girl, Big Hat
Little Girl, Big Hat

On the Swing
On The Swing

Under the Bridge
Under the Bridge

Playing with Dad
Playing With Dad

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