Rannoch Moor, Perthshire

Location: Perthshire| Time: 1pm

Ian: I had spotted snow on the hills all around us yesterday and had already made a decision that we were going to hunt some down. In the spur of the moment we headed north towards the Highlands and after a quick deek at the map I spotted Rannoch which was surrounded by tall hills and of course, Schiehalllion!

After what felt like an eternity of driving on thin roads and black ice, we stopped on the shores of North Loch Rannoch and set up a wee picnic on the beach. The sun was putting out some fantastic light but a very large cloud was about to spoil all that. I ended up cramming my sandwich in my mouth to grab the camera and fire off some shots before the sky changed the entire setting.

Looking over at the south shore of Loch Rannoch
Looking over at the south shore of Loch Rannoch

The trip took us up to Rannoch Station and back down to the Hydro station just before it. The platform was deserted as you would expect on a cold December afternoon so we took the tourist-less opportunity to have a quiet donder around. It’s a bit like going back in time with all the old style buildings that have obviously had four-too-many-coats of paint put on them over the years and despite the crossing bridge looking quite fresh from a distance, a closer look reveals a rusty structure which needs some TLC.

When i’m in the area I always stare at the sign that suggests that the path ahead is a footway to Glencoe… are you NUTZ?

Sarah: So I had the day off work and the sun was out and I had the car for a change…What better to do than pick up Ian and his little ray of sunshine and take a trip into the middle of nowhere in search for some snow. Ian suggested Rannoch which was an interesting drive on winding, icy back roads. Just my kind of driving. After an extraordinary long time to do not that many miles we arrived at Loch Rannoch and the sun was low, the sky blue and the water like glass, beautiful. So we stopped and had a picnic, as you do when it is only 1 degree above freezing!  Was worth every bit of chill though as we got some lovely shots before a cloud moved over.

Loch Rannoch looking lovely
Loch Rannoch looking lovely

Then it was on to Rannoch Station which really is in the middle of nowhere and a DHL van almost took us out on the way.  It was a little like walking into a time warp into the Victorian era, could almost hear a steam engine pulling up to take us to magic school! The place was deserted, which wasn’t really surprising as only 3 trains a day stop there and there is basically nothing to visit except some   spectacular countryside and apparently a walk to Glencoe, which must be a very long and cold walk over the moor! needless to say we didn’t go to Glencoe! Instead me and Katie tried every door on the platform looking for the time warp or worm hole that led us back to the 21st century, but every one was locked.

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