Santa Day, Birnam & Dunkeld

Location: Perthshire| Time: 1pm

Ian: My mate had called me up to see if I wanted to take the wee one up to Dunkeld and Birnam for the annual Santa Day parade. Basically it consists of Mr Claus being pulled along in his sleigh by some reindeer and the local kids all dressed up as angels following along. Then the general public get it tow as well.

Katie and Fin staring at the reindeer
Katie and Fin staring at the reindeer

After some website confusion (one day it stated the parade was at 1pm, then the next it claimed 12.30pm) we went up for about 12.20 and met up with my friends. The reindeer were grazing on the Birnam House Hotel grounds so we stood and watched them for a while. It was soon evident that the originally stated time of 1pm had been the correct one. It was a looooong wait in the freezing cold.

Eventually the big bearded one himself set off and stopped at the gates for a photo op, before heading on down the main street and over the bridge to Dunkeld. The place was mobbed and the cold weather didn’t seem to put anyone off what was a great wee day out.

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