Stanley Linn – short and sweet!

Location: Stanley, Perthshire | Time: 1330 01/03/2010

Sarah and the Ice
Sarah and the Ice

Don’t ya love deliveries? – “between 0800 and 1600 we expect you to sit in your house and do nothing until our precious delivery man shows up at your door”. On saying that he showed up at 1330 which gave Sarah and I time to nip out and get some photos nearby. Stanley Linn was the location and I’d never been before!

It’s located by heading right after the zebra crossing in Stanley (approach from Luncarty) then turning left at the end of the road. Then you turn right again on to a single track lane. At the very bottom is a place to ditch the car.

You are greeted by two fishing vessels (small wooden boats with outboard motors) and a few houses owned by people who are considerably richer than me. The area looked like it had suffered a lot of river damage recently and the bridge that Sarah claims was there… wasn’t!

A few skips and jumps later got us across the rocks and off down the small beach which was littered with little duck footprints. It’s easy to see why as the little blighters were everywhere. Hoi Sin anyone?

I took the executive decision to only carry my long lens and leave the bag in the car. It didn’t pay off as every scene I came to was screaming for the wide angle treatment! As always I carried on regardless and got a couple of worthwhile shots but time was short due to my daily 3pm nursery pickup deadline.

The sun was out! Yieahy! But time was short due to pram deliveries and local rock stars visiting! I suggested we go to Stanley Linn as I lived in Stanley for a couple of years when I was younger and knew its little secrets.  Again I felt old as what was is no longer and even the bridge had disappeared and the open spaces were filled by new buildings and odd non native trees. But the beach is still there and I lead the way down the Linn to what is a pond in the summer, but at this time of year is just part of the river.

Ice on the water

As we were well away from the warmth of the city and civilization in general the water was still frozen in bits and after amusing myself with throwing great slices of ice over the frozen pond (do love doing that) I decided to get a few arty shots of the patterns in the ice as unlike Ian I did have a wide angled lens. Of course my problem was I needed to be pretty much standing on the ice to get the shot. But that never stopped me before. I even placed the camera on the ice at one point, very gently, and got a great shot.

We moved on and hopped across the shallower part of the inlet to where I was scarred for life many years ago (in the literal sense).  A short walk through the woods brought us to where the divers dive from in summer and where Shem (the dog) learned to swim and jump in from rocks. As it was half frozen we decided not to venture in the still pool today. But I did climb down to it to get a photo or two of the tree and island a short jump away, well ok maybe a long jump! But all very lovely and wintery and actually quite warm in the sun, at least positive numbers for a change! Then our time was up and it was back in time to collect the little one from nursery. All in all a short but sweet little trip.

Diving pool and Island

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