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POW Camp and Loch

¬† Ian let us go out for a photo shoot at last. Wasn’t exactly great weather but we headed out anyway. Ended up at Cultybraggon camp in Comrie again (fabulous place), this is an old POW and army training camp.…

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Stars over POW camp

It’s that time of year when we go out more at night than during the day as the days are short and the skies are beautiful. I had the frankly ingenious idea of going back to Cultybraggon POW camp at…

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Glen Lednock photos and video

Sarah and I had a rare shoot with just the two of us (plus my youngest sprog) and decided that driving up Glen Lednock was probably a good idea. It was sunny, and we were right! The skies were blue…

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Cultybraggan POW Camp, Comrie

Sarah, Darryl (Baked Tatties Photography) and I headed off towards Crieff on a very foggy morning in Perthshire. Our destination: Cultybraggan – once a POW camp in WW2, was turned into an Army Training camp and is now… well we’re…

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Lights at Lednock

Glen and Loch Lednock¬†¬† Friday 4th March 8pm- ish Ian decided that another night shoot was called for so after rushing around most the day and managing to shove some food down my neck I met up with him and…

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De’ils Cauldron

De’ils Cauldron, Comrie

As little baby potter has not decided to come along yet, me and Ian took advantage of the nice weather and went on an adventure after dropping my dodgy electrics car off for its service (once we got it out of the very tight garage). We had no plans and just headed of towards the sun, assuming we could pick up something to eat on the way. Fools we were! we ended up in Comrie and hungry.

With Comrie being a little tourist place we thought it would have somewhere to eat even though it was in the middle of nowhere, we were wrong. Half the place had no electricity and was in candle light and the other half was shut! we were forced to return to nearby Crieff instead where we

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