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Muckmedden 6 Hour MTB event

Sunday saw the first Muckmedden 6 hour mountain bike event take place at Pitmedden Forest, Fife. It was another well organised event from the Muckmedden camp and Ian spent a few hours skulking around the trails shooting the passing bikers.…

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Fair City Enduro – Day 2

The main event images are now fully uploaded and ready to be viewed and bought folks. What a fantastic event – can’t wait for the next one from Muckmedden! Prices start at just £2.50 (plus p&p)

Fair City Enduro – Day 1

The Fair City Enduro was held at the weekend and was a great success with smiles beaming from every direction. PK Perspective were there on an official capacity to capture the action, of which there was plenty! Below is a…

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THE ELIMINATOR official gallery now open!

THE ELIMINATOR official photo gallery is now open and ready for viewing. What a great event it was to spectate and looked thrilling to take part in. The official gallery can be visited by clicking the banner below, or have…

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The PREliminator test

PK Perspective were invited to attend the test run of the upcoming MTB event, The Eliminator, which will take place on the 27th and 28th of July. Here be the offical blurb regarding the event: THE ELIMINATOR is a brand…

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The Newburgh Eliminator

PK Perspective are delighted to be officially photographing THE ELIMINATOR. It’s a downhill MTB event that puts riders head to head against each other in an elimination race. This is all taken place at Parkhill, Newburgh over the weekend of…

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