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Picnic in the Park

 Part of me enjoying time off work in the sunshine, I met my sister and her kids at the South Inch park for a picnic. I planned to get a few photos of them all together but it just wasn’t…

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1st Snow of winter

North Inch Perth:  Lunchtime, Tues Nov 30th Winter has most definitely started and the the weather has been weird and wonderful with heavy snow, freezing temperatures and thunder and lightning. Getting to work has been exciting and at one point…

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Smelly London again

East London, 31/8-2/9 2010

The Sun Slidding Down Behind The Olympic Site

The time had come to visit my sister and her family in London again. So it was on to the 6 hour train journey on a busy train where I had a sandwich and plum drama, leaving myself little to eat, my walkman phone (cheap in the meantime one after the last took a leap down a drain) decided it only wanted to play music for 20 mins before going all weird and when I got on some woman was asleep in my booked seat! All in all not the best journey. However my sister meet me at kings cross with her beautiful girls and guided me back through the underground maze to her flat in east London. Where we played with pearl, stitch, McMickey and McMinne until the girls dad traumatised them with a surprise McMickey attack. After the girls had eaten, well thrown around, their dinner and they’d had their baths,  the sun set over the Olympic site with a flash of colour and bringing beauty to the overly huamised area. I may detest London but it does have its moments. Natural beauty sliding down behind industrial construction. Leaning out the window on my tiptoes and balancing the camera on the frame I squeezed off a few shots with a a low ISO and not too low a shutter speed so I wouldn’t flood sensor with light and lose the colour in the sky, there’s always more light at twilight than the naked eye sees.

The next day we had a trip to Valentines park after Georgie had tried to sneak out the door in her dads work bag. We had a lovely and not too expensive lunch there and enjoyed the sunshine in the haven of the lovely old mansion grounds. We all played in the shade of a tree and I let my sister take control of the camera and although she was terrified of dropping it, she didn’t do too bad at all. In order to let the girls sleep a while we wandered around the park, which is small but enjoyable and had a wee look in the mansion and wondered at how there were different rooms for different times of day, to go with the different outfits I assume. If I had that there would be a large part of the day I would have to stay in the bathroom, wonder if it is better to make that the morning room as the afternoon one? Then it was back on the dirty tubes with all the rude people and through the busy stations with lifts not working so had to lift the double buggy up the stairs. God knows what you’re meant to do if you’re in a wheelchair! Then more photo fun at home with the girls, more throwing food around and smiling and laughing at each other and climbing and crawling or belly dragging and standing and bouncing. All in all a good day. By the end of it we were all shattered even McMickey who Tabby was tentatively touching again. So just after 10 I settled down to the lights of the city spreading out to forever over the horizon and worried about how Errols paw was to be fixed and if he could stay together until

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St Andrews- Fife

Location: St Andrews | Time: 1230 27/02/10 Ok  it wasn’t really the best weather this weekend, but I wasn’t working so my God I was going out and about. There has been another great snow fall this week, but I…

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Cold and Misty Perth

Location: Perth| Time: 09th January 15:30ish So had just got home after another long sleepover shift and was feeling a little drained and down. As I got into the city center the sun was just going down and I noticed…

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South Inch Perth

Location: Perth| Time: 6th January 12:30ish So I finally ventured out into the frozen snowy landscape that is Perth and well, Scotland in general. As I’ve been working sleepovers and nighshifts I have seen some beautiful morning mists and evening…

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