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Back to the Beginning of our Night Shoots

 Finally got to go out with camera!!! Woohoo!! We had planned to go somewhere new and exciting but the weather was a little on the random side so we decided to go back to where we went on our first…

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Kinnoull Hill Sunset and Light Painting

April has continued to be wet and windy and a proper challenge for photography. We had a wee trip to Broughty Ferry last week and could barely take a shot through all the wind and driving rain. However things like…

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Perth Jaunt with a PK regular

After years and years of talking to each other over the interwebs, a certain Pitlochry photographer and I got together in Perth city centre for a session. Davy has been a follower of PK from as far back as I…

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Rumbling Bridge

 Very Rudely Ian decided to have a life away from photography so couldn’t  join me on my little outing. But fear not I took a newbie with me instead, just not the same by myself and without someone to help…

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Remember, remember the 5th November!

We stood in the cold for 45 mins to shoot 20 mins of fireworks, but have to admit it was a good display. And was actually on the 5th of November unlike other places that moved it to the weekend,…

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Forth Bridge Illumination

The Forth Bridge has been lit up once again after 2 years in the dark. Switching the 1,054 floodlights back on will coincide with the 122nd anniversary of the opening of the bridge – one of the largest floodlit structures…

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Beautiful Perth

Was asked by Beautiful Perth people to get some photos of the Artwork on Tay street.  So I headed out the other day into a lovely sunny day for a wee wander down Tay street and see what I could…

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Winter Sun in Fife and Dundee

Thankfully I had a day off and the sun was shining, though it was pretty cold. Although I was a bit migrainey I still went out with Father, though the migraine made my internal ISO about 1600 so it was…

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South Queensferry in the Dark

South Queensferry on Google Last night three of us headed to South Queensferry in order to shoot the Forth Bridge in the dark. Mike, Sarah and I left Perth at 7pm with the sun already down and the clouds coating…

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Sunshine and Bridges

At last the weather broke and we had a few beautiful sunny days, something I thought didn’t exist any more! So to make the most of it me and mother went for a wee outing around the Peninsular at North…

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Dundee Discovery – Night Shoot

Dundee Discovery Point – 22.30

After visiting an about-to-be Bride and Groom, Sarah and I went for a wee look down Dundee’s Discovery Point to see what photographic potential the area held for a bit of night photography.

I see no ships... oh wait, I do!

Sarah had a major advantage when it came to the boat itself as she has a much wider lens than me (10mm vs 17mm) and could fit the whole ship into one shot. I opted for a shot from the front instead.

I was shooting entirely in manual mode and using my shutter release cable to guess how long the exposures should be. At f11, iso100,  they were roughly around the 2 minute mark and I got moderate success with this technique.

I often get asked “how long does my exposure need to be”. The short answer is “as long as it takes”. My time served as a photographer allows my guesstimates to be quite good, but only experience and a little thought process will get good results.

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Twilight in Perthshire

Campsie Linn:  Thurs 12th August 2100 ish I was minding my own business and having a good dance along to my wii game when Ian texted, suggesting we do a twilight shoot, like right then. So it was off with…

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Stanley Mills, Perthshire

Location: Stanley area| Time: 29th January 13.00 The snow has finally left us alone (for now) although there was a bitterly cold wind blowing today, but that never stopped us taking a donder over to Stanley to the site of…

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